Best Selling Products
⇒ Chasnera tile 42x42x3 cm
17,54 € / m2
(taxes included)
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Best Selling Products
⇒ Chasnera tile 42x42x3 cm
17,54 € / m2
(taxes included)
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Welcome to Bassalto Artificial Stone!

We manufacture slabs and rocks for any custom design.
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Our goal is simple, that our artificial stone products, once placed, have an appearance 100% Natural

Works and projects come true

Custom designs

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We are manufacturers

Professionals with great experience to give you practical solutions

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Competitive prices

Ask us for a quote and we offer you incredible offers

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Service and quality

We deliver at your home anywhere in the world

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Experts in the manufacture of artificial stone for floors, walls, swimming pools, garden and specialists in artificial rocks


Top for pools and floors that accompany in a warm and cozy atmosphere in your garden.

Anti-slip and anti-ice properties. Resistant to inclement weather, our Bassalto material is a unique and resistant product, without iron rod, avoiding rust in your pools.

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Furniture in cement

Novel designs in Bassalto

Functional, durable, lightweight and affordable products.

We have lamps, sculptures, modular fountains, among many other innovative products.


Floors and Floors

The charm of the rustic pavements of yesteryear with the innovation of its easy placement in surprising decorative compositions.

New artificial stone with carved, old look and all the rustic and natural aesthetics that we look for.


ROMEX - Bassalto

Novelty in grout for slabs and stones!

ROMEX has finished with the loose cobblestones in sunken streets and floors.

Bassalto shows you this magnificent product valid for any floor. EASY and FAST to apply are its two main characteristics.

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Bassalto placated tiles have timeless elegance with refined textures for all environments.

All our products are designed for indoor and / or outdoor, providing properties of resistance to extreme temperature changes.

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Streets paved for public use

Buying cobblestones is no longer a problem. Easy placement and spectacular finish. Public streets paved with artificial stone Bassalto. Rustic and natural appearance. Long-lived aesthetics as before. In short, incredible properties.

Do you want to tell us what your project is?

Write us your ideas and we will make them real with our products.

Custom-made fountains and other garden accessories

We are manufacturers and therefore we can make custom garden fountains, bases for pergolas, basins or pots are some of the elements to decorate your garden in artificial stone.

Products resistant to inclement weather and sudden changes in temperature.

They do not fade.

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