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In design, manufacture and sale of artificial stone for swimming pools, floors, walls, garden and much more.


In artificial stone, decorative elements of cement for garden, as well as tables, pots, chairs, etc.


Our stone is a reflection of the natural stone Basalt or Basalt Stone. New, exclusive and original product.


Custom rocks for interior and exterior thematizations. Different sizes and tones


Swimming pool edges and non-slip and athermic floors, ramps and showers.


Innovative trends in the world of gardening and decoration of stone exteriors.


Slabs for floors and walls, both in regular measures and loose and irregular stones, recreating dreamlike environments.


Our products comply with the regulations regarding slippage, resistance and durability.


As you can see, a large gallery of prefabricated concrete and artificial stone elements for decoration and construction.

We manufacture slabs and rocks for any custom design.
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The heat is coming, the urge to go to the pool, or to be cool in your garden. But would not it be more enjoyable, if these places were decorated to your liking, with high-quality elements, that transmit freshness, innovation and style?

Then immerse yourself in our wide range of products for swimming pool and garden!


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Experts in the manufacture of artificial stone for floors, walls, swimming pools, garden and specialists in artificial rocks

Gargoyles and Accessories for walls

Water downs for facades, imitating rustic wood. Available in different formats: smooth and fluted, perfect to provide a distinguished, colorful and very natural environment.

Product of high quality, resistance and durability over time.

See accessories for walls

Furniture in cement

Novel designs in Bassalto

Functional, durable, lightweight and affordable products.

We have lamps, sculptures, modular fountains, among many other innovative products.

Floors and Floors

The charm of the rustic pavements of yesteryear with the innovation of its easy placement in surprising decorative compositions.

New artificial stone with carved, old look and all the rustic and natural aesthetics that we look for.

ROMEX - Bassalto

Novelty in grout for slabs and stones!

ROMEX has finished with the loose cobblestones in sunken streets and floors.

Bassalto shows you this magnificent product valid for any floor. EASY and FAST to apply are its two main characteristics.

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Bassalto placated tiles have timeless elegance with refined textures for all environments.

All our products are designed for indoor and / or outdoor, providing properties of resistance to extreme temperature changes.

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Streets paved for public use

Buying cobblestones is no longer a problem. Easy placement and spectacular finish. Public streets paved with artificial stone Bassalto. Rustic and natural appearance. Long-lived aesthetics as before. In short, incredible properties.

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Write us your ideas and we will make them come true with our products.

Custom-made fountains and other garden accessories

We are manufacturers and therefore we can make custom garden fountains, bases for pergolas, basins or pots are some of the elements to decorate your garden in artificial stone.

Products resistant to inclement weather and sudden changes in temperature.

They do not fade.

The importance of GRC

in our products

With what materials do we work in Bassalto?

In bassalto, we work with a great diversity of materials, always looking to improve and find those properties, which make our products unique and beneficial for the client. With time for research and preparation, we finally found the way to emulate 100% the appearance of natural stone, using the GRC as the most important tool. We are not limited when making any artificial stone product, thanks to the versatility and comfort, to work with the GRC, whose properties and multiple benefits we will explain in the following sections.

What is the GRC?

The GRC or GRFC, acronym that translates as "reinforced concrete with glass", is a material originating in the 40 years, which arose to avoid a problem very widespread at that time, in relation to concrete. The problem that was, is that the concrete could not resist any traction effort, and had to reinforce it, both with bars, and with steel meshes. Another problem is that these bars oxidized, and had to protect them with more concrete on each side of the bars, ending in a much greater thickness. That's where the GRC was born; They changed those un-functional steel bars, by strands of fiberglass, and not only managed to avoid corrosion of the material, but the thickness was highly reduced, among many other advantages. From this new discovery, continued its use, until it became popular during the 90 years, with the rise of prefabricated construction. Later it was extended by the United States, and today it is one of the most used and modern materials, used in facade solutions, with molded plates in GRC. This material has a high dose of cement, and therefore it becomes very rigid, so we try to connect the structure of the element to be built, with the GRC panels, in order to avoid that the pieces can break, and guarantee their free movement. , making them flexible. Its high resistance, flexibility, permeability, thermal and acoustic insulation capacity, and the economic savings generated by its use, make it the most beneficial product for construction today, especially in design and decoration, as well as creating elements of theming : water parks, zoos, or any theme imaginable. Also, there is the important ecological factor that encourages its use, because the stone is not extracted from the natural media, but we can emulate that stone with the GRC, contributing the advantages that we will explain in the following sections, and giving the product an appearance by little natural.

What properties does the GRC have?

High durability.
Impact resistence.
Lightness and reduced thickness.
Appearance 100% natural.
Easily transportable
Moldable according to consumer preferences.
Versatile in all its uses.
Safe against natural stone, thanks to its resistance.

What are the benefits of using the GRC?

The GRC, is an extremely versatile product, light and resistant, both to flexion and to traction. Thanks to its resistance, it manages to withstand any type of impact without breaking, and withstanding very large weights, guaranteeing that the product is much more durable, than those made with natural stone. Thanks to its composition, it becomes highly impermeable and incombustible, resistant to the inclemencies of the weather: high temperatures, rain; and phenomena that in the long term could deteriorate natural products, such as humidity or the simple passage of time; it is not the case of the GRC, its durability is another of its many properties. In addition, it is able to imitate perfectly the texture and appearance of natural stone, with the exception of being much lighter and more affordable, which is a great advantage. It facilitates transport, and allows us to modify the product according to your preferences, making it something new and appropriate to the needs of our customers.

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